Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tellus Science Museum in North Georgia

On our way home from getting the camper shell, we stopped by the Tellus Science Museum and Planetarium. It was great! This huge dump truck is the first thing you see as you pull in past beautiful manicured lawns.
Inside the museum, this giant dinosaur (replica of actual fossils) is the first focus.
We went right through the hall of dinosaurs and ancient animals.
And after a 30 minute flight through outer space including learning constellations and landing on one of Jupiter's moons, we explored the hall of transportation.
I think space flight most captured Naomi and and Jacob's imaginations.'s where my camera battery went dead! 
We also got to play in the "big back yard" exhibit where everything science is presented hands-on. It was really amazing! Everything from sorting to magnets to weather to solar and wind power to light was explained and portrayed for the kids to experiment with. We'll definitely go back when we have more time!

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