Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tellus in July

Yesterday we went back to the Tellus Science Museum for a fun summer outing.
There was an illusionist there teaching us how to do some of the more scientific of his tricks and we enjoyed the regular museum displays.
Above: the kids love digging for fossils in the fossil room. Each child gets to take home a tiny fossil.
Panning for gem stones: the kids love this room because they get a tiny back to collect the little gemstone pieces to bring home.

And here are the kids being fearful of our favorite dino. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Ballet Camps

Bethany attended both weeks of ballet camp this summer
(The first was The Red Poppy Ballet)

Firebird Ballet

Summer Random

Veggies from our garden

Family outing to see Despicable Me 2

Ready for Ballet Camp
Cow Appreciation Day
(=dress like a cow and get free food)

(here's the shirt we left at home when we went to ChickFilA
(and some play dough ice cream)
Monte eating his once-a-week meal