Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Silly Video

Occasionally I can't find my phone only to find it in the hands of Naomi recording some wonderful
performance like this!

Leeds, AL

To pick the kiddos up on Saturday, Nate and I met Grandad and Granna in Leeds, AL at the Bass Pro Shop.

We also ran by the Motorcycle Museum. Very cool!

Mason Road

Last Thursday I took the kids to have a Grandad and Granna day. On the way to meet Granna, we stopped by Mason Road to pick some daffodils and drive by our old house.

We were reminded of the beauty we left. But, just for the record, we're very (very) happy on Princess Trail! We love our community and being near so many friends!

To the Park

Last Wednesday we picked up a few friends (Harper and her baby sister Larkin) and headed to the park for a very windy picnic,

a ride on the carousel,

and some Sweet Cici's frozen yogurt.
(Sorry no pics of Larkin. I was wearing her in a sling. But there's her sweet little hand!)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


On Saturday, we headed down to the Nature Center for a class on snakes. We got to see many different kinds of snakes and learn facts about even more kinds.
This is a snake skin!
Jacob touching one of the snakes.

After the class on snakes, we went canoeing. Other than Nate falling in waist-deep water trying to get back in the canoe after we explored the bamboo forest, it was a great outing. Don't blame Nate! When you add up the very slippery, muddy bank and the fact that two girls were screaming at him from the boat, it's impressive that it there wasn't anymore craziness that happened!

Valentines 2012

For Valentines breakfast I made baked heart shape doughnuts. 
A few silly pics...
The boy has decided he doesn't like to be kissed.

Can you tell who's who in these two pics? Naomi actually chose the wrong one for herself.

Naomi made her apple dumpling cake into cupcakes to take to her class. They were warm and smelled yummy when she got to class, so her teacher let the class go ahead and eat them--instead of waiting for the party. This made Naomi's day!
We decorated for the day.

Thank you, Grandma and Grandmomma for sending gifts and cards!!

Naomi and Jacob made homemade cards for everyone.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Oster Update

When our days get busy and routine, I take fewer pictures. I apologize for the lack of them here on Osterfive, but I figured a verbal update would be okay.
ADOPTION: We are nearing the end of our paperwork for Bethany Christian Services. Once our references are in, we will meet with them and set up a time for them to come and view our house and meet our children. All of this is part of the homestudy process. After our homestudy is complete, all we will need is to attend their orientation class (sometime in the spring) to be in their pool of adoptive parents.
We are already in the pool with the local adoption lawyer. All that is required there is to turn in a family profile. The bulk of the paperwork there comes after being chosen, but because of our work with Bethany, most of that would already be done if we get chosen through the lawyer.
The way domestic adoptions work now is that a birth mom chooses whether she would like to go through a lawyer or an agency (like Bethany Christian Services). She goes to the lawyer/agency and looks through pictures and profiles of families and chooses one she would like for her child.
One of the ways couples can approach adoption is just by getting the word out that they are interested. Many times someone they know will know someone who might know someone who is considering adoption for their child. This might prompt them to go the lawyer/agency and actually request a certain family.
KIDS: Naomi and Jacob are enjoying school. They recently received their reviews for their achievement. They both are doing very well! Jacob received excellent marks on everything--he's an overachiever in the classroom. Naomi is working hard on her reading and math. She finds science and language easy. We're so proud of both of them! They both are going to an art class and loving that, and Jacob is also loving a little weekly soccer clinic at the Covenant gym.
Bethany is my constant companion. She's growing up fast and her gift of social intuitiveness is growing. She occasionally comes out with very thoughtful questions and/or comments that surprise us with their understanding. All three of the kids are really excited about the adoption, but Bethany is the one who asks regularly, "When is that other momma going to have a baby in her tummy?" My answer? "I don't know, Bethany. God will choose the very best time to give us our fourth child."
NATE and OLIVIA: We too have a pretty regular schedule these days. Nate works out and goes to Bible study and choir and goes to work. I help out at Choices, PRC, go to acupuncture, exercise, clean, cook, and teach. We both spend good times with the family and with each kid. We are reading Talking with Young Children about Adoption and finding it very interesting. I just finished The Book of God--the Bible in novel form, and it was good! I definitely recommend it. Day in and day out we are learning what it is to walk with out God.
So there you have a bit of an update.
Thank you very much for your prayers for a speedy and smooth adoption process and for patience and open-heartedness during it.