Saturday, August 21, 2010

Bethany, Age 27 Months

She's known to say that "This makes me so much happy!"
She calls herself, "Betty," and she loves to answer random numbers like "6" or "11" when you ask her how old she is.
"Be fweh-full!" (Be careful!)
She loves to sing "Jesus Loves Me" and the Chinese version "Jesu Ai Wo." She also is quite good at making up her own songs. Yesterday she was wandering the house singing in different tunes, "I don't know! I don't know. I don't kno-ow!"
We left early for the beach, planning to stop for breakfast along the way. When Jacob said, "Can we go to McDonald's?" Bethany responded in despair, "No! I want to go to the beach!"
Her blue eyes attract attention everywhere. I love to say, "Yes, she got them from her daddy!"
She loves to snuggle, she adores her brother and sister. She couldn't live without her baby, her blanket, and her pacifier. She's been in little girl panties for a week and will soon leave those diapers behind. We love our Bethany girl!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

2010 Vacation #4

2010 Vacation #3

Bethany playing at the door
ice cream in a cone every day
in Appalachicola we visited the bay and a nature center
According to all who've been there, Boss Oyster is the best restaurant in the area. We ate there Wednesday night.
After dinner we walked a (1 1/2 mile round trip!) fishing pier. The kids enjoyed all the birds that flocked the pier to eat all the fishing scraps.
this pic courtesy of photographer Naomi
On Thursday we spent A LOT of time on the beach! We built several sand castles, giant pools/puddles and gathered lots of shells.
We also made it out to the light house that was a few houses down from ours. In front of the light house was a great play ground!

2010 Vacation #2

2010 Vacation #1

Along the way, we met a cow...
Our house is the blue one!
We love the beach!
She loved the sand, the water, everything!
The kids were super excited about making dinner all by themselves. (Okay, I put the barbecued chicken in the oven earlier, but they did the mac and cheese all by themselves.)
The main living space of our house was on the second floor. The bottom floor had a master bedroom and a bedroom for Bethany. The big kids slept in a loft above the kitchen. 
The view from our deck.
Kitchen and Loft