Thursday, June 27, 2013

St. Louis 2013

On the way--chillin' with Dixie
Cardinal's Game!
(after a 3 hour rain delay, we enjoyed seats near the field.)

Swimming at a very cool pool with Grandma, Abby and Maddy

Grandma and Naomi take a trip to the American Girl Store

American Girl Store

Daddy and Momma take a little date--a movie, dinner, amazing dessert 
and a little walk in the park

a morning jog down to the lake
Grandma and Jacob take a trip to the Cardinal's Store

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day!!

The Father's Day card--the kids made a word puzzle all about daddy (with Granna's help--thanks, Granna!)
And the Father's Day gift--a Mexican Black Kingsnake

The snake's happy home

Some pics of the snake's first meal at home--he really went after the "pinky" (baby mouse).

Nate is really happy with his gift, but the kids are over-the-top ecstatic. I know a lot of people would never dream of allowing a snake to join the family, but when it makes everyone so very, very happy, there's really no question! He's going to be a great pet!
(Oh, by the way, the name's still up for debate. I suggested Aragorn--because he's a king we all like OR Nebuchadnezzar--because he's a king with a great name. Nate is also thinking about Montezuma because he was a Mexican king--and it would be kind of funny to call him Monty Kingsnake instead of Monty Python.)
Happy Father's Day to the greatest dad! We are so thankful for you!


Nate and Jacob enjoyed a nearby indoor climbing facility on Saturday.

They even wore themselves out...

Some of the walls were free climb (above) and some were belayed (below).

They had a blast!!

Rewind to Birthday Breakfast

On Bethany's actual birthday, she requested cinnamon rolls. We had them with scrambled eggs and sausages and the traditional candles. 

Friday, June 14, 2013