Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

We use Halloween as an excuse to celebrate together as a family--to make memories and to have fun.
Carving the pumpkin

They all wanted something "scary and funny." Momma did her best.

Tonight we dressed up and hit the Marvin and Massey beat. There are tons of trick or treaters who frequent those two streets. So many do that the mtn. police actually block off Marvin.
While teaching ballet today at the elementary school, I noticed a huge bunch of balloons up on the stage in the gym. The PE teacher said they were left over from a pumpkin event the school had last week. When I asked what would happen to them, he said we could take them. So, after giving all my ballerinas a balloon, I took them trick or treating and handed them out to eager kiddos.
Tinker Bell and the Big Bad Wolf
Two of our tiny trick or treating buddies

Nate dressed up as a crazy Cardinals fan. It's fun to dress up as one own self, isn't it babe?

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