Tuesday, July 8, 2014

St. Louis Summer 2014

A walk to the lake near Grandma's house

To the STL ZOO!

On the night of the 4th, we went to Lake St. Louis to see fireworks. Along with tons of people, there was a firetruck to look around and lots of family to hang out with!

On Sunday, Nate and I went to the Cardinal's game with Jon and Abby. Jon won amazing seats for us! We had a great time despite the heat and the loss.

Fredbird spent a good bit of time right by our seats. The kids would have loved that!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Scavenger Hunt at the Bug Park

We met up with a few friends at the Bug Park (a play trail where each little playground is designed around a particular insect) for a little bike riding and a scavenger hunt to find the snack.

It was hot, and I do mean HOT, but the kids were great, running all over the park to find all the clues that led them to...

popsicles and smarties and protein balls

Thanks for joining us, friends!

And thank you, dear friend Krissy, for the photos from the day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy Father's Day Airshow

Happy Father's Day to
the dad of five
the provider
the baseball coach
the camera man
the grill chef
the yard beautifier
the Cardinal's baseball-Blue Angels-Auburn Football-Musical daddy guy!
We love you and we were soooo happy to spend the day with you!
After church, we headed up to Smyrna, TN for the Great Tennessee Airy Show
(featuring the Blue Angels!)
It was awesome and hot and very fun!

BASEBALL! for Jacob

Go Cubs!!

This team won most of their games by more than 15 runs.
Way to go, Jacob!

And we've entered the All Star season. Woo hoo! 
Jacob is doing great, but I'm a little worn out (and I'm not even the one helping coach, Nate is!)
Last week it was practice every night with rain out on Friday and two games on Saturday.
This week we've had a game on Monday, and we have practices Tues-Wed-Thurs with another game on Friday. And two games on Saturday. And another game next Monday. 
If we win enough games we'll go on practicing until the out-of-town tournament over the 4th of July weekend. 

Jacob is also enjoying baseball camp at Covenant College this week.

All baseball all the time.

I love to see how baseball makes him shine.

Creative Discovery Museum

Last week we planned to go to the Coolidge Park fountain for one of the mornings, but it dawned cool and cloudy, so we headed for the Creative Discovery Museum instead. (Thanks Grandad for making this possible on a rainy day!) We intended to make a beeline for the Wizard of Oz exhibit but the 


and art rooms held us up.

I can forsee some great home school art mornings in this room!

We did finally make it up to Oz and had a great time!

After the museum, we went to Clumpies to redeem one of Bethany's reading tokens from this past school year. After she read 20 books at Classical Beginnings, Mrs. Cook awarded her with a "FREE ICE CREAM FROM CLUMPIES" token. Having had three kiddos receive these tokens, it is our family tradition that the token holder gets to choose whatever she/he wants while the other kiddos get cones filled just to the brim with one kind of ice cream. Bethany was modest with her choice--mint chocolate chunk with some gummy bears on the side. She even shared the gummies.

Yay for Ice Cream!!