Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rock City Enchanted Lights Dec. 26th

We really enjoyed visiting Rock City Enchanted Lights! Bethany enjoyed it so much that she just fell asleep in the sling. Sweet thing!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day Presents

We started the morning by hiding the stockings and letting everyone find their own. We heard about this fun game from a friend of ours for whom this is a family tradition.

Daddy had the hardest time finding his. Momma gets the prize!

Thank you Jon, Abby, and Maddy for the new cars! I especially love my remote control Lightening McQueen!

Thank you Grandma for the Bitty Twin stroller! Naomi loves it!

Thank you Jon, Abby, and Maddy for the toy phone!

Thank you Jon, Abby, and Maddy for the monogrammed turtle neck shirt and the beautiful tu-tu!

Thank you Daddy and Momma for the tea set!

Thank you Daddy and Momma for the tunnel!

Thank you Grandma for the Thomas train pieces and the Leap Frog Bus!

Bethany's first Christmas presents (besides all the ones from Granna, see below!!)

Jacob also loves his new Duplo blocks from Grandma, his animal crackers (he said they were his favorite) from Ms. Charlene next door, and his small Lightening McQueen cars from Daddy and Momma.

Naomi also loves her polly pocket stuff from Daddy and Momma, her Bitty Twin diaper bag from Grandma, and her Yahtze game from Jon, Abby, and Maddy.

Thanks, Mom for the movie and the money!

Thanks wife, for the gift card to Sportsman's Warehouse!

Daddy loves Jacob's new tunnel. : )

Thanks husband for the car hook-up for the iPod!

Thanks Jon, Abby, and Maddy for the movie and popcorn!
Thanks Becky for the gift card to Ann Taylor Loft!

Thanks Aunt Lisa for the Pez dispensers. This was one of the favorite presents because they got to eat a whole sleeve of candy this morning. Yeah for sugar.
A special thanks to the Caldwells for sweet gifts from Hawaii. Thanks!
Merry Christmas, everyone, and thanks for all the presents!
Christ's blessings on all of you today!

Christmas Eve Presents

After going to the Christmas Eve service at church, we came home and opened a few presents at home. Pajamas and glasses from Grandma!

A Few More Pics from Grandad's Visit

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Party with Grandad and Granna

When we got home from church yesterday, our living room was full of gifts from Grandad and Granna!

We were excited to see everyone!

Naomi's big gift from Granna was a new kitchen! Granna made this kitchen herself.

Jacob's gift from Granna was a work bench; yes, she made this one too!

We had a big dinner after all those gifts.