Saturday, September 27, 2008

One more...

Just a few funny things to report...
A few days ago in the van, I was coaching Noami and Jacob that they should be very well behaved where we were going. Jacob replied, "I'm going to be much better "haved" than Naomi!"

After Bethany ate her first cereal, she began to cry for more. Nate and I kept trying to get a picture of her crying (because it too was very cute), but every time she saw the camera, she stopped crying and smiled! What a ham!

Bethany has her First Cereal

I'm so excited!

For me?! Wow!

This is great!

I love food!

Don't we get anything? (Yes, pancakes later!)

Momma Goes to a Concert

Girls night out with the small group girls first for Mexican...

then for a Sara Groves concert at Lee University.
This concert tour, called "Art, Music, Justice" was to benefit the International Justice Mission and Food for the Hungry. Sara took on finding people to sponsor an entire village worth of children in Rwanda. It was a unique concert--Sara shared stage time with several other Christian music artists, but the real feature was how God is at work through IJM and Food for the Hungry. If you're interested, there's more info at
or check out the YouTube video of Sara singing "I Saw What I Saw" about her trip to Rwanda.

Bethany Swings in the Big Swing

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Playing with Bjorn and Meghan

Naomi is such a little momma! She got the girls situated then entertained them for quite a while playing dress up and reading books.

Isn't Meghan a cute Snow White?

Bethany in the Bumbo

Bethany got a little tired in her Bumbo. She didn't complain, she just leaned over for a little rest.

Jacob, the big helper

Every time Nate cuts the grass, Jacob grabs his lawn mower and helps out. He is so cute! The picture below doesn't really capture it (I couldn't get to the camera in time) but Jacob is usually a few paces behind Nate doing EXACTLY what his daddy does. He's even gotten out in the yard a few times without Nate, and Nate is really good about thanking him for cutting the grass so he won't have to do it. : ) Every so often, especially when they're out near the street, someone stops to comment on what a big helper Nate has. You can see Jacob get a few inches taller every time.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

Family News

I get so busy with the pictures sometimes, that I forget to give updates on everyone, so here goes.
Nate is busy on a weekly schedule of publishing the Patriot M-W-F and doing his office duties. He really enjoys the guys he works with, so much so, that for a while they were having trouble getting all their work done! He instituted a lunch break so that they could chat and share funny videos, etc. during lunch. That seems to be helping. The Patriot is about to launch a new website, so that's keeping them all busy. He's starting back up with choir on Wednesdays and he's continuing his early Tuesday morning Bible Study. They're studying Hebrews this fall.

Olivia: I'm getting used to being the chauffeur. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays Naomi has school from 8:45 to 12. On Tuesdays and Thursdays Jacob has school from 9 to 2. I'm carpooling with another mom so that I either take or pick up each week. I've already had a few "Is it my day?!?!" moments. On Wednesdays we all go to Bible Study 9 to 11:30. Then we're back to church at 5 for Naomi's kid's choir, dinner at church at 5:45 and then Nate goes to choir from 6:30 to 8. In a couple of weeks I'm starting a little ballet class for a few girls and Naomi. Sometimes she even says she wants to be a ballerina when she grows up. Next week I'm going with my small group girls to a Sarah Groves concert. Believe it or not, this will be my first ever pop concert to attend. A night out, Sarah Groves, and a new experience. What fun!
As for Nate and me, we just celebrated seven years together!! We had a babysitter and went out for a nice meal. We agreed that the highlight of the last year for us has been having Bethany, and we can honestly say that we're more in love now than we were when we got married.
Naomi is learning to read! She excitedly pulls out her A Becka book to read to me every day after school. She's mastered the short vowel three-letter words and she's ready for more! For every A Becka book that they master, they get a paper ice-cream scoop on their ice cream cone on the bulletin board. According to Naomi, she's tied for the second most scoops. Way to go, Naomi! We've also added a chore chart to Naomi's wall and she's keeping up with that pretty well.
Jacob is enjoying his Mother's Day Out program. He comes home tired, BUT I'm phasing him out of his afternoon nap. As long as he sleeps well the night before, he's just having "time in his bed" with books and toys (at the same time as Naomi does the same). So far he's been about every other day without a nap. He loves copying Naomi as she reads her books and he's very serious about the added maturity and responsibility that comes with being three.
Bethany is still our smiling baby. Pretty much if you smile at her, she'll smile back, even when she's crying. Sometimes it's as if she stops to say, "I'm not mad at you, Momma, I'm just tired (or hungry or wet, etc.)" She loves her bath and she loves her toys, especially a small bug that rattles and has crinkly paper wings. She's also very verbal--she often coos when you talk and laugh with her.
So that's what's up with us. We're learning and loving and hopefully growing God's kingdom every day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Stories by Naomi and Jacob

This is Jacob, Naomi, Momma, and Daddy. Bethany stayed with a babysitter. All the rest of us were on a date. We went to the Salty Dog Cafe and we ate all day. Then we went home at night.
picture and story by Naomi

This is a sailboat floating in the water during a storm.
picture and story by Jacob

Here we are home again with Bethany.
picture by Naomi

Bethany laughs

I finally caught a little giggle on video. So cute!
Bethany had just sneezed and then said her little
"Ahhh.." Naomi was making fun of her and that
made her giggle.

Cooler Weather

The kids were very excited to need their jackets Tuesday morning for school. Jacob especially loves wearing a jacket. I can hardly get him to go out (even in the afternoon 80's) without one.

Doing chores with Momma

On Monday, Jacob and Bethany helped me strip the beds and wash all the sheets. Thanks for the help guys!

Bethany's bug, Bumbo, daddy, and fingers

Bethany loves her daddy!

Bethany loves her bug, her Bumbo seat (in small doses) and her fingers!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Jacob's Big Party

This is A LOT of pictures...

this is for you, Ben

I'm pretty sure this is supposed to be some kind of football move. : )

Isaac and Lucas


Emily (She was crying about leaving!)

Audra and Ari

Look at this crowd! Happy Birthday Jacob!

Bethany and Great Aunt Kim

Naomi gave manicures at the party.

Worth is dressed well for an ORANGE party!



Twins...not really. Angela and Kendra

Stacie and Bjorn

Emily and Stella eating some orange cuisine.


Ari walked around quite a bit with this pirate's sword.