Friday, July 31, 2009

Day At Home

a very happy spiderman
queen Liza and princess Naomi
Steven and Bethany
another self-portrait
making ham and cheese biscuits for lunch
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ballet Play Date

Cute Bethany

Naomi Outside Singing

For your listening enjoyment...

She went on singing like this for so long, I was sure she would have a sore throat.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Pillow Case Dresses

My mom has recently discovered a gift for making pillow case dresses. After she made all her grand-daughters seven or eight a piece, she just couldn't stop! She has made dresses in a small (I'm guessing 9-18 mos.) medium (18 mos. to 2/3 yrs.) and large (4 to 6 years). She's looking to sell these as play dresses or night gowns for $8 to $12 a piece. If anyone is interested in buying one of these dresses, let me know, she's going to leave them with me for a few weeks. Thanks!
Top to bottom, left to right: L, M, L (and there's a small in this one too), M, L, M
This dress is a small.

Naomi's Reading Tree

Naomi's summer reading project is to read 50 books. Each time she reads a book, we fill out a leaf for her reading tree; ten leaves fill a branch and gets her a prize. So far she has picked out a small treat at the gas station, picked out a slightly larger treat at Wal-Mart, and then, for the third branch, had her nails done at a salon. Her next prize is to "take" the family out to eat at a restaurant of her choice (she says that Mr. T's and McDonalds are her two top choices right now), and the last branch is a trip (with the family) to Lake Winnie. She loves to read and she loves to get prizes so everyone is happy!

Play Date With Ella, Anna, and Chloe

About four years ago, the mom of these beautiful girls and I met (providentially) on a play ground in Trenton. Our girls (Ella and Naomi) were the same age. Once we began talking we realized that we had LOTS of connections and are very similar in many ways. We have been getting together for play dates ever since. We were both pregnant with our second children at the time (Jacob and Anna) and have since had our third (Chloe and Bethany). I am so thankful for their friendship!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bethany Laughs at Naomi's "Ribbit"

Queen Naomi

Hail to Queen Naomi!
Naomi played for about an hour by herself practicing being a queen.
She even made up "rools." "Bow" and "Owba" (obey)
Oh, and I just have to add this one. Last night we had to make a Wal-Mart run for milk. We were talking about how we were ONLY going to buy milk when we got there, and I could tell Naomi wanted to be thankful to God for providing for us this way. She said, "That's why God made people, so they could build Wal-marts."

Play Date With Bjorn

There's a sound-track for this one: a deep laugh "Huh, Huh, Huh!"
Bethany and Ari
Eating together on the front porch--I love Bjorn's picture face!

Summer Fun in Our Own Front Yard

Who knew that our front yard could be so fun? (Also notice that the new dogwood we planted and then thought was going to die has found new life through prayer, water, and sun!)
Recipe for a good time: water, dirt, grass, large bowls, and large spoons
Otherwise known as mud soup
We found out that Bethany REALLY enjoys going up and down the rocks in our front yard. I put pants on her so that as she scoots down the rock it doesn't tear up her legs. Even in shorts, she thinks it's worth it.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

John and Holly's Wedding

Bethany LOVED listening to Grandad play the guitar for John and Holly's wedding yesterday. She danced and even called out what sounded just like, "Grandad, play it again!" The wedding was beautiful and it was very fun to see extended family however briefly.
Naomi LOVES weddings. Her comment when we were walking in to the wedding was, "Momma, there are a lot of people here and a lot of them are wearing high heels." And yes, she made sure that I was wearing them too. She loves the beautiful dresses, the perfectly done hair, the high heels, the music, the aura of love, and the cake.
Jacob LOVES the cake. His comment during the wedding (just loud enough for EVERYONE to hear him) was, "Momma, when do we get to eat cake?"
Gracie was one of the flower girls. Gayla (her gran and mother of the groom) told us that Gracie insisted she was wearing wedding shoes, a wedding dress and that this was her own wedding!
My Grandaddy has 15 (count them) great-grandchildren. He is a very happy man when he gets to see any of them. All 15 may or may not be a little much. You be the judge. I took about 10 pics of this pose; these three are my favorite. Notice Lucas in the one above.
Notice Bethany in this one.
Almost everyone looking at Grandaddy.
And yes, I did take ONE picture of the beautiful bride. Holly, you looked gorgeous, and it was a wonderful wedding! All praise to the God of love and oneness. John and Holly, may God bless your union!