Friday, August 14, 2015

On to Turnberry

On July 27th, we officially said good-bye to our beloved Princess. Eight years and three new children and countless hours of cleaning, decorating, gardening, painting, reading, schooling, movie watching, playing, eating, cooking, reading, conversing, and dreaming made for an emotional move. We loved living on Princess!

And hello Turnberry. What a blessing!
view while washing dishes

New School Room

Chalk board paint is amazing!

Fireplace Area

Family Room

View from the Family Room

Master Sitting Nook

Color coordinated handprints and towels (a different color for each child)

The Play Room!! 
(free chair that my mom is in the process of recovering for me 
with extra linens.--she recovered the cushion using 
the boys' old black out curtains!)

Our only purchase for the play room

I love that we have butterfly bushes all along the front of the house.

Our Sun Room (unfurnished as of yet) and our deck

the Hammock
the pool!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Holiskis Part Two

Hiking at Foster Falls

A little wading

and crawdadding

Finally to the falls! All the kids took a tube over and swam right underneath. It was amazing!

Church all together at LMPC

hugs good bye

What sweet memories we have from that long week end. Thank you, Holiskis, for coming and we can't wait until we can get together again!

Holiski's Visit Part One

The boys' biological sisters, Sophia and Dorea, and their parents came to visit July 8-13 this summer. It was SO awesome to see them! We have face timed, but not actually seen them since Uganda. Hooray for family visits!
We started out their Chattanooga visit with a trip to Rock City.

And then on to Coolidge Park.

And the next day, we hit the aquarium!

Wendy's for lunch of course!