Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Night

First off: a birthday party--above you see the (very excited) birthday boy
in the jumpy thing
happy Snow White
happy Darth Vader
happy fireman
happy ballerina
we all converged at Ari's house before trick-or-treating

In the Leaves

pure joy

Friday night at the Y

Friday night started out rough for Bethany, but after a good meal of a quarter of a hotdog and bun, she was ready for some fun. Naomi and Jacob were, as always, raring to go!
face painting
beautiful rainbow princess
Darth Vader (minus helmet)
Jacob on the climbing rope
the princess on the climbing rope
Bethany's favorite thing: the huge ball
bag toss

Lookout Mountain Carnival '09

This past Thursday was the long-awaited Lookout Mountain Elementary Carnival. The big kids had a blast! Bethany, not so much. The above pic is of the wagon ride right before Bethany started screaming.
Bethany did enjoy watching the big kids slide and jump. And boy, did they love it!
I think Bethany's main thought throughout the festival was, "Am I supposed to be having fun here?"
Pony rides
Colored hair
And, as always, their favorite, the JAIL.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Castle School

It was Gardner and Rebecca's b'day on Sunday, so we celebrated with candles and home-made hats. Naomi is really enjoying going through Little House in the Big Woods with these girls. This week we had a dance party, drew animal tracks, tasted hasty pudding, and bought toys at a play store. Next week we're going to read an on-line counting book about things found in the Little House books and reenact a fighting scene between Laura and Mary. We're also planning to take a trip to a local farm!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Birthday Party at the Park

Today we celebrated Naomi, Jacob, Bjorn Siirra, and Bailey Teague's Birthday at the Lookout Mountain Commons. We invited the kids to wear costumes...what cuties! Thanks for coming, everyone, and thanks for celebrating our birthdays with us!

Friday, October 23, 2009

My Wonderfully Clean Oven

My oven sparkles!!! My mom cleaned my oven while keeping my kids while I was at the beach. Amazing, I know. You are free to be as jealous as you want. : ) She forgot to take a before picture, but it's easy to imagine, just insert the color black everywhere you see this wonderful blue-grey color now. THAT was what my oven looked like before. Thanks, Mom!

A New Table

Look at this amazing gift from Granna for the kids' birthday! It's a kid sized table that Granna made herself (wow!). It's made from composite decking, so it's virtually indestructible, though I'm sure my kids will try!

Jacob's Funny

Jacob: Momma, do you know what Dixie calls me?
Me (absentmindedly): What?
Jacob: Huh, Huh, Huh (read like a dog breathing)
Me (taking notice and wondering at the marvelous brain God gave this child): That's really funny, Buddy!
Jacob (imagine a BIG smile)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

We Are THAT Family Too

A blog that I frequent is having a "blogoversary" and celebrating by having other bloggers link up with their stories about how they are THAT kind of family as well. You know what it means: THOSE kind of things always happen to THAT kind of family. Yes, we're one of those too. I decided to look back through our pics and find the funny/silly/dorky ones to post. I think these pics show up in our family's blog on a regular basis, but they make for a good laugh here all together. Sure, we have our stories of bloody noses, cracked skulls, and self-hair cuttings (those particular examples were all in one week as I recall!) but the pics tell a story all of their own! (Disclaimer: there are a LOT more silly pics of this writer, but they usually get destroyed very quickly and so are currently unavailable to be laughed at; sorry about that!)
Go on over to We are THAT Family and check out other stories of THESE kind of families!