Friday, December 28, 2012

Lots (and lots) of Christmasing!

Christmas Party at Kim's house in AL
December 22
Church at Briarwood Presbyterian 
and Bass Pro Shop
December 23
Christmas Party at Grandad and Granna's House
December 24
Christmas Party at Grandaddy's House
December 25

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas time

Harper's Christmas Crafting Birthday Party

Downtown Road and River Parade

We loved watching the lit boats circle in the river! One of the boats even had a dance line!

Cold weather snacks for three

School in front of the Christmas tree and the fire.
I love homeschooling!

Being a fish at the aquarium-- (counter clockwise from the top) dorsal fin, fat fin, caudal fin (that's the tail), anal fin, pelvic fins and pectoral fins

The spider crabs were practicing their synchronized swimming last Wednesday.
Pretty awesome

Thank you, dear Grandma, for the beautiful, beautiful Christmas clothes!

All dressed up for Annie

And now for the Christmas tour of the house...

Thursday, December 6, 2012

What's Up?

In no particular order...

Christmas Card Pictures

Learning about Jellyfish at the Aquarium with friends

Decorating the tree in the kids' room

Using what I have to make the house pretty

horseback riding lessons

schooling at the farm

decorating the family room tree

decorating the living room tree

using part of my b'day money from Grandma to buy new black pants, sparkly shoes (that make me happy) and silver jewelry 
and then wearing said pants, shoes and jewelry to every Christmas party...
making smoothies

going to Rock City to see the lights for Kellyn's b'day
(happy birthday Kellyn)