Sunday, July 15, 2012

This Past Week

Naomi enjoyed American Girl Doll Camp! Thanks so much Jo Jo, Lisa, and Amy!!
Enjoyed having friends over for a playdate...
Lots o' girls and Jacob : )
Bethany got a haircut!
 She's even cuter now, if you can imagine (when she's not screaming, that is.)

We made our own ice cream sundaes after dinner one night.
Jacob was sooooo glad to have some time playing with Bjorn. After playing in the sprinkler, he decided to take a little mud bath.

If you've read the Way of the Wilderking, you know that he looks a lot like a feechie!
And yay for having Meghan over too! These girls had so much fun!

And there has been A LOT of lego playing. Here you can see Jacob's mini van and small house creation.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Fourth with the Family

Happy Independence Day 2012!
 The Oster family made the trip down to visit Grandad and Granna in AL. 
First we had Grandaddy's barbecue chicken, hung out with the Pugh side of the family, and swam at Gayla's house.
Then Grandad and Granna took the kiddos to buy fireworks while Daddy and Momma went out on a date to see Spiderman and watch the fireworks at Oxford Lake.
The next day we swam and had a cookout with Fish, Jorja, Penni, Grandmomma and Papa. It was a great week!

Watching the works

Coloring with Grandad
BETHANY spells her name all by herself
(I think Grandad may have helped her with the order of her letters a bit...)
Thanks, Aunt Abby for the monogrammed towels!
Jacob's new do.
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Daddy's new do