Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Starting School 2014!

Yesterday Naomi and Jacob began their year at Hilger Higher Learning.
They are taking Science, Grammar-Writing and Literature there this year.

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While the big kids were at Hilger, we schooled at the Creative Discovery Museum--painting, studying water at work, looking at bugs, starting our reading program and playing in the sand.

When we picked the Hilger kiddos up, we stopped for a little first day celebration at Baskin Robbins!

Today we started our formal schooling at home.

Instead of one Ikea table, we now have two, and instead of paper, they are covered with white board material.

There's a big box of treats to help the school days along

and about seven notebooks a piece, if I counted correctly!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Beach Trip 2014

Hello, JAX beach!

Our family loves (big time) the beach! Everyone loves playing in the sand, and when the surf is right, we spend hours out in the gentle waves. 

And who doesn't love the beautiful views? Even storms become beautiful and glamorous!

not the highpoint of our beach trip--after having to be jumped off twice, we decided it was time for a new battery for the van

The Oster Castle

being with family!

our little beach house

conked out after a day of swimming and a big meal

Trip to St. Augustine's Fort Matanzas

old mill wheel in St. Augustine

sunrise jog on the beach for Momma

swimming at the pool at Grandad and Granna's hotel

last good bye to the beach

It was a great week!

Random Summer Shots 2014

Playing at parks


Losing teeth!

Splashing in Creeks

And flying!