Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy Birthday, Bethany!!

She's the one who understands the way people feel...
the one who wants to be constantly playing with her siblings...
the one who loves to snuggle..
the one who loves her dolls
and just about every baby ever.
She's the one who is going to kindergarten next year,
the one who is turning five
Happy Birthday, Bethany!
To celebrate, we invited friends,

Fixed a few treats,
(brief snuggle interlude)

Colored some pictures, decorated some bird houses, 

opened some presents,

and played a lot!
Thanks, everyone who came for making this a great birthday!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Little Update

Here's a tiny bit of what we've been up to lately: 
(when it's not raining)

Getting ready for a summer garden

Baking cookies
Riding Horses

Drawing pictures (this is one by Bethany where Naomi and Bethany are happy, but Jacob is sad because he has to pick up all that mess in the background.)

Stealing momma's camera to take pics of friends

Going to a Luau birthday

Complete with hula dancers (the birthday girls' dad!)

Having impromptu tea parties

Going to the symphony 
(This was a date for Nate and me--we went to Bocaccia for dinner and then to Fork and Pie for dessert, walked around town and headed to the Tivoli for Mahler.)

More drawing--this is a map Jacob created.

Speech Class
Both Jacob and Naomi gave speeches in front of their fellow speech class students and their parents.

The Spring for Life!
This was much smaller than it could've been had it not been pouring cats and dogs!

Two cuties at the Spring for Life