Saturday, January 18, 2014

And Since Then...

It's been cold.

And we've been drawing and learning,

and spending the night with friends

and having momma-daughter dates,

and being silly,

and enjoying Christmas gifts (Thanks, Mom!)

and playing!

Bethel House Reunion

While Rashid, the director of Bethel House Orphanage, and his wife Joy were in town, all the kids adopted from there got together for some pizza and fun.

LegoLand in Atlanta

Jacob's big Christmas gift from Nate and me was a trip to Lego Land in Atlanta. 
We had a great time!

The Lego Land Discovery Center is kind of a mini-amusement park/discovery museum. There are loads of legos to play with, a tour of a lego "factory," a few little rides and a big play area with slides, huge legos and a zip line wrecking ball. We enjoyed the time there, but were a little disappointed with the lego store. I was hoping for something more like New York (lots and lots of individual legos) since we got Jacob a brick building book and needed some strange pieces to build some of the sets in that. But the store was basically just what you would find at Target in the Lego section. Other than that, though, we give the place a thumbs up!

Amos couldn't handle all the fun. He fell asleep as we waited in line for the second ride, so he and I skipped it. He slept through lunch and all the rest of the fun.

Happy Birthday, Meghan!

Cousin Pics