Sunday, May 31, 2009

Family Pics

"The Whole Family" The Oster Five, Grandad and Granna Pugh, The Pugh Four, Papa and Grandmomma Johnson, and Grandaddy Willard

Abby and Maddy, Grandpa and Grandma Oster, and the Oster Five

Happy 1st Birthday, Bethany!

Happy Birthday, Bethany! (Get ready for a lot of pictures!)

Momma never lets me get my food all over me! 

I guess I'll take full advantage of this!

Baby Penni says Happy Birthday to Bethany.

Papa and Bethany

Bethany and Maddy D.

Bethany and Wilder

Nancy and Titus

Lots of gifts

Bethany got a lot of babies for her birthday, and she loved on every one! She'll enjoy them, I know. Thanks, everyone, for the gifts!

Jorja and Aaron

Bethany and Jorja

Micah, Stephen, and Jacob


The video is but a snippet; Jacob was doing batting practice with Daddy for a good 30 minutes. We can't wait 'til next summer when he can play "tee" ball. He grows a few inches every time you tell him how good he is at baseball!

It's great how he poses at the end, isn't it? He's such a boy!

Jacob Shaves With Daddy

Big stuff!

My two men

Friday, May 29, 2009

Visit from Lisa and Ellie

These girls are going to be GREAT friends!

Can you believe Bethany will be 1 tomorrow?

Going home...but just for a little while. Soon Chattanooga will be their home too! Soon as in one week. HOORAY!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Holding Down the Fort

The kids worked really hard to put this fort together tonight before bedtime. They were sorely disappointed when they found out that Daddy and Momma couldn't do without their couch cushions overnight. So they graciously gave us back our cushions, but Naomi wrote this note:

It is of course a warning, "Do nat remoov this intil in the mrnen." Priceless!

Memorial Day Party

Monday the kids and I headed to Alabama for the Pugh's annual Memorial day get-together. My dad's family LOVES to get together on holidays; they rarely miss a chance. The pool was open and since my kids ate early (time change, you know) they were the first ones ready to swim. Jacob, sweet thing, was sitting patiently by the pool looking longingly at the water until I finally let him get in. He spent a good three hours in May's frigid water! All of the kids enjoyed it despite the temperature. I personally don't like to swim until maybe the end of June! Bath water anyone?
Grandaddy and Bethany

Loving the water

Cousin (Actually second cousin) Sydney

Cousin Jorja

Second cousin Izzy and cousin Penni (isn't she pretty?!)

Block Party

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Naomi's Last Day of School

Congratulations, Naomi! You finished kindergarten with style!

Naomi, Jacob, and some of Naomi's classmates

the adoring little sister

the adoring grandparents

Naomi and her classmates (and the rest of the school) recited a few of the Westminster shorter catechism questions (they learned 28 of them this year), the presidents, some grammar rules, counted by 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, 7s, and 8s, and sang a few songs. Naomi has learned so much this year!

Naomi and her adoring daddy.

Naomi and Mrs. Skogan, one of her kindergarten teachers

After the program, the whole school went to a local park to play.

After going home for a quick lunch, my mom and I took the kids out for ice cream and playing in the fountain. Naomi earned her free ice cream by reading 20 books in class.

Naomi and her adoring momma

The fountain was crowded but still lots of fun.