Monday, February 1, 2010

Snow and Ice

It started snowing Friday around lunchtime. This is the scene Friday evening! Everything covered and still coming down! Nate measured about 3 inches on our back walk.
Saturday morning we awoke to a world covered with ice. And no power. There were trees down EVERYWHERE including several huge branches from the magnolia at the corner of the house. Oh, and the power went off around 6am for an early wake-up call for the Osters. No one around here sleeps really well without power because we all love our noise-making fans!
We ate cereal in the kids' room (the warmest room in the house), built a fire, and took a walk.
Bethany trying on momma's new rain boots
Sunday the sun came out and the sky was a perfect blue. (Oh, and the power came back on Sat. night, praises to the Lord!)
We are so thankful for modern conveniences and the beauty of the place where we live!


b wingfield said...

beautiful photos of bethany and naomi at the top!

Beth said...

Some beautiful and "cute" pictures. So glad you all survived. I hate it when the power goes out when it's freezing outside! Yikes!

Mom said...

Reminds me of the blizzard of 93. Remember our 17 inches, no power for several days and cooking on the wood heater?

Granna said...

Love the boots, Bethany. What a cutie you are.
Jacob, save one of those sweet smiles for me. And a hug to go with it.
Love you guys.

Stephanie said...

I love the picture of Naomi in the white hood! Great pics. Our power went out Saturday evening so we headed up the Mtn. to stay at Jesse's parents. We went sledding on the golf course all day Sunday! It was so gorgeous out

O.M.G. said...

hi, olivia! i'm an olivia also! i saw you left a comment on joy in my kitchen and clicked on your name because i thought i had left a comment and it got crossed with someone else's picture. your photos and family are lovely! nice to meet you.