Saturday, February 20, 2010

Six Word Saturday #2

Struggling With My Six Year Old
This doesn't really DEFINE my life right now (I could still use the 6 words from 2 weeks ago to do that) but it does describe a substantial part of my day-to-day.
We homeschool and I didn't have any illusions that it would be easy but...
(may I whine a bit?)
it is REALLY hard sometimes.
The thing is, I really love to teach her
but she seems to think that she should already know everything.
So whenever she comes upon something that takes a little work,
she throws up her hand and pitches a fit.
There now, I feel better.
We do a lot of fun things with our homeschooling and there is a lot of social interaction and extras.
Like choir and PE at the Y and ballet.
And we have lots of creative time,
and lots of time for free-reading
(she loves to read!).
If anyone has any easy fixes I'd love to hear them.
(Definitely said with my tongue in my cheek.)
Otherwise, life is very good, and I am thankful!

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