Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What Jacob's Up To

At least five times a day, Jacob comes up to me beaming with pride, and hands me something like what you see here. He is wonderfully happy shaping out letters for a lot longer than I would imagine a four-year-old sitting still! And the biggest surprise about home schooling Naomi has been how much Jacob wants to participate. He has his own bucket of activities, and he does them right at the table with us so as not to miss anything. If we're doing anything that he deems fun (like M&M Math, for instance) he can slide right over and be a part. Today while Naomi was filling out the numbers in her calendar, he ran and got a piece of paper and a crayon so that he could write his numbers too. He wrote them all the way up to ten with very little help! It's always surprising to me how much he's learning by just being around while I'm working with Naomi (or directly from the little Naomi teacher herself!)

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Lisa said...

Wow, Jacob writes his letters very well!