Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jacob and Naomi

Jacob just came in from checking the mail shouting, "Money! Money! Money!" (does he even know what money is?) He was thrilled to receive his first birthday card in the mail. On the inside there is a little picture of a cake with candles. He counted them (4) and then said, "How did they know?!" Thanks to Gary and Beth and the boys for making Jacob's day! We'll be sure to use the money for something really fun!
Because of her newly acquired reading skills, Naomi earned her first "big girl" Bible. I wanted her to have an NIV because that's the one our pastor reads from on Sundays, but otherwise, she got to pick. She chose the most colorful, most sparkly one, of course! (Though she REALLY wanted that International Children's Version one that was covered with pink fluff and shaped like a purse!) When we got in the car with her Bible, she immediately turned to Genesis and began reading the creation story. How wonderful it is to hear it read by a little one! Then she flipped back to the table of contents and started reading. After a few books she said, "Hey, these are the words to my song. ALL the words to my song!" Thanks to her teachers at the Classical Studies Center last year she can sing through all the books! This year she is going to teach that to me!

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Anne H. said...

that is precious beyond words!