Thursday, September 3, 2009


Bethany is doing well too! She is getting two more teeth on the bottom, is fascinated with her belly button (and all of ours too!), and is getting around faster and faster. She says all kinds of things, and that baby jibberish is resembling words more and more. Yesterday she went toddling as fast as she could after Naomi and Jacob and the neighbor kids saying, "AY UH EE, AY UH EE!" It may be a little hard to imagine, but if you'd been there with me, I know you would have heard, "Wait for me! Wait for me!" just like I did. : )
The above pic is the way Nate and I found her after her bath last night. She had positioned herself and picked up a book to read. Yes that is an upside down Spiderman! She sat like that for a good 10 minutes and got really mad when Jacob tried to turn the book around for her!


Kim said...

That is absolutely adorable! So sweet too that she would choose a book over her toys... Wish all kids were raised loving books!!

Fish said...

So precious!

beth wingfield said...

couldn't be cuter!