Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Vacation #2

Happy Birthday, Daddy!
Bethany loves to watch the birds.

All sunscreened up and ready for the beach
The big kids split their time at the beach going out in the tubes and playing in the sand, sometimes helping to build a castle, but mostly just pushing the toy boats in and out of the water.
Spiderman and the ballet princess
In the evening of Nate's birthday, we went out to eat and to a long pier to see the sunset.


T and B Rowe said...

Looks like a great trip. That's a neat picture of you and Nate - the colors pop.

Lisa said...

YAY! I've missed your blogging. So glad you were able to highjack the computer from Nate and post some pics! They are so good! Looks like your weather hasn't been all rainy. Can't wait to hear about it! Looks like the kids are having the time of their lives! Sweet!

Jonathan and Audra Payne said...

So glad ya'll seem to be having a wonderful time! I agree with Lisa, your hard work has paid off and you look great! Can't wait to hear all about the trip and to see more pics. Have fun!

Cindy said...

Wow, Olivia, you look gorgeous. Nate looks great too.
Love seeing your life.

Brandon & Tammy said...

great picture- is that Jacob and Naomi still playing in the background? ;-) figures, huh?