Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Out and About in Chattanooga

When a friend and I showed up for a riverboat cruise 2 hours early, we decided it was a good day for exploring Chattanooga!
We crossed the walking bridge...
then rode the bus back across the river.
Yes, that is a foot that the kids are sitting on!
After the walking adventure, we boarded the Southern Belle for a cruise down the Tennessee River. Bethany LOVED the music on the boat!
The girls are again wearing fashions from my mom. Mom, they got lots of comments today on their cute matching dresses!
The Southern Belle has an open wheel house, so the kids got to see the captain steering the boat.
us in front of our mountain
our friends--Thanks for the great time today!
After all that having fun, my three were TIRED! (and grumpy too)

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Grandma said...

Bethany, You are just beautiful and when did you get all those teeth?? I can hardly believe how fast you are growing. I see you are standing and pulling up really well now so I will be watching for you to walk soon.

It looks like you all had a great time on the boat. I would really like to do that sometime when we are there to visit.