Friday, August 21, 2009

Kid Art

the machine
This is my favorite drawing of Jacob's lately. For some reason this turquoise and brown color combo is a favorite of mine. He usually does single line drawings, so the coloring in on this one is special. Maybe I should enter it in an art show?
the mess
This is Bethany's artistic creation. (That knife is a play one, by the way!) When she gets the toys out in the kitchen, they almost always end up spread all over the floor, but I thought this design was especially symmetric. No toy is near another, and pretty much the whole floor was covered. (And for those of you wondering how I cook when all of that is going on; that too is an art.)


Kim said...

Your children are quite artistic!! They must take after their Aunt Kim!!! :) (especially the artistic messy one!) Jacob's really looks like a machine....Bethany will be drawing queen's and princesses before you know it!

Nate said...

He definitely doesn't take after his dad. I can't even draw stick people right.

Kim said...

ahhhh....but you are creative musically!