Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oster News

I thought it might be time for some updates. Our little walker is also feeding herself with a spoon, using a repertoire of words, and climbing, climbing, climbing. Her words include: uh oh, whoa, wow, ow, mama, daddy, Jacob (ay bub), thank you (tee too), Dixie (di dee), no, and all done. The "all done" is because she was standing up in her high chair when she wanted to get down, so I started teaching her the sign language for all done. She learned not only the sign, but also the words and the exact tone (a sing song, "aaaah done") that we were using.
Jacob starts Mother's Day Out on Tuesday. He is soaking up knowledge as well! He knows how to write his name and I constantly get love letters from him. Last week he would fill a page with letters including those in his name. I explained that in order to read the words, he had to line up the letters in a pretty line. Now he conscientiously lines up each letter. Naomi helped him with the above, patiently saying the letters for "momma" as he wrote them down. She also wrote the "from" for him. My job teaching Jacob may be very short-lived. Whatever Naomi learns, she naturally just passes down to her brother. I am considering starting Jacob in a taekwondo class this fall. He got pretty excited when I mentioned it, so it might be a really good fit for him.
Naomi is looking forward to schooling at home. She told me yesterday that she would practice doing school every day until it was really time to start. We will officially begin the third week of September. I'm planning a little class for Naomi and her friends focused around Little House in the Big Woods. Naomi will also be studying Botany, adding, subtracting, measurement and fractions, and history (through making a simple comprehensive timeline). She will probably be writing a lot of letters (like the above) because that is what she really enjoys. This is a note that has been anxiously awaiting delivery to one of our neighbors for a while. (Halley Blair, Do you want to borrow my book? from Naomi) Below is some of Naomi's "practice" for school.

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Kim said...

Love it!! Every milestone is soooo precious!!!