Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Creative Discovery Museum

Last week we planned to go to the Coolidge Park fountain for one of the mornings, but it dawned cool and cloudy, so we headed for the Creative Discovery Museum instead. (Thanks Grandad for making this possible on a rainy day!) We intended to make a beeline for the Wizard of Oz exhibit but the 


and art rooms held us up.

I can forsee some great home school art mornings in this room!

We did finally make it up to Oz and had a great time!

After the museum, we went to Clumpies to redeem one of Bethany's reading tokens from this past school year. After she read 20 books at Classical Beginnings, Mrs. Cook awarded her with a "FREE ICE CREAM FROM CLUMPIES" token. Having had three kiddos receive these tokens, it is our family tradition that the token holder gets to choose whatever she/he wants while the other kiddos get cones filled just to the brim with one kind of ice cream. Bethany was modest with her choice--mint chocolate chunk with some gummy bears on the side. She even shared the gummies.

Yay for Ice Cream!!

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