Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Camp Hidden Hollow!!

Naomi, Jacob, Caleb and Bethany LOVED Camp Hidden Hollow this year! (Thanks Grandma for helping to make it happen!)
Caleb was kind of the darling of the camp. All the counselors loved him. "Crawdad" told me that Caleb was pretty much his favorite person now. : )
Despite being babied a bit for the week, Caleb learned a lot and had to take on some big boy responsibilities. I'm proud of him for not only making it through the week, but really enjoying it as well.
Bethany was thrilled to join in with what has up to now just been a special week for Naomi and Jacob!

The traditional tee shirt signing at the last day of camp.

Caleb and "Boulder" (who, incidentally, I taught at the Rock Creek home school tutorial about 6 years ago!

We're so thankful for a camp where the kids can not only learn 
grooming and riding horses
fun group games
crawdad fishing
but also make friendships with other campers and with slightly older counselors
and learn more about the love of God.

Caleb and Bethany's group

Naomi's group

Jacob's group

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