Thursday, May 8, 2014

First Oster ER Visit

So the little one fell off the ladder up to his brother's bunk last Friday. He was only up a couple of rungs; he falls that much many times a day, so I didn't think much of it. His big sister made a big deal about it and so he cried and really played up the pain.
And then the whole incident was behind us, or so I thought.
Thirty minutes later, I was schooling N and J and turned around to find little Amos barely awake on the couch. What? Sleeping when he could be playing???
So we got him up, asked him some questions and tried to get him to play. 
He was very lethargic.
We went back to schooling and he immediately went back to moping on the couch.
At one point, I went outside to check on the guys working on the AC unit and N, thinking she would cheer him up, gave him some candy DOTS. 
When I returned, he and the couch were covered with a a pool of vomit. 
So I cleaned the couch and the boy and called a friend and Nate and a nearby doctor's office. 
The consensus was to take him into Children's ER.
I took the other kids to a friend's, worked out B's pickup with Nate, and then headed downtown.
Where I got stopped by the Armed Forces Day Parade and had to backtrack halfway home and re-route.
By that time, Frozen music and change of scenery had fully rejuvenated the little one and he was singing and making jokes by the time we got to the hospital.
We were admitted quickly, asked some questions, seen by the doctor and released in about thirty minutes. Amos had a great time being admired by all the nurses and playing with the helicopter one of them brought him. His only regret was that he wasn't sick enough to be pulled in on one of their wagons!
He's been completely fine with no signs of a concussion since.

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