Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Beach Bliss, Cousin Craziness, and Princess Penni

Caleb and Amos's first time ever at the beach
They loved it!

Caleb spent most of his time with a ring, swimmies, goggles and a wave board. He loved hopping the waves when I would walk out with him, laying in the shallows, playing in the sand, and running on the beach.

We enjoyed our visit with Penni and Jorja SO SO SO MUCH!

Penni's birthday (#5!!) was while we were in Jacksonville. Yay! We took her out for a birthday donut for breakfast.

Birthday pics of Princess Penni.

For dinner, Penni chose McDonalds, but when we saw that McDonalds didn't have a playground we "settled" for Chikfila. It was really fun! They gave us free balloons and free ice cream with candy! 
We also brought cupcakes, and oh, yes, they ate a little chicken, fruit and fries as well.


And look what God gave Penni for her birthday! 

More beach bliss!

Tickle fun with Aunt Fish

Thanks Fish and Aaron for letting us come!
We had a GREAT time!

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