Monday, May 26, 2014

Boys' Baptism

Caleb and Amos were baptized on Sunday at Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church.

Nate and I were married in this very spot. Naomi, Jacob, and Bethany were all baptized here as well.

Pastor Joe said, "Ok, we can just say the benediction and go home!" because being hugged by Amos was like a sermon and worship music all in one!

Amos Perseverance Simbwa Oster

Caleb Purpose Kimbugwe Oster

After the service we had a huge party to celebrate the boys, their baptism and their coming into our family.
We had at least 108 people at the house!

to everyone who came
to those who prayed us through this process
and continue to pray as we learn to parent five
to those who gave of their time, talents and money
so that we could be a family of seven.
We are forever thankful!

We are so very blessed.

(and a special thank you to Abby who took all these lovely pictures of our day!)

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