Tuesday, November 6, 2012


(Journal Entry by Jacob)
We are going camping. It will be fun. Daddy is packing. Bethany, Naomi and me are getting in the truck. Daddy is driving now. It is taking very long.
Now we are there.
We are unpacking. We are finding a campsite. Now we have found a camp site. (The #5 walk-in site) We are carrying stuff down to our campsite. While Daddy was setting up the tent and making a fire, Momma was blowing up the mattresses and taking out the blankets.

We are cooking hotdogs over the fire. Then we cook s'mores. It is so good, and then we went to bed.
The next morning we had bacon and eggs and for drink we had hot chocolate. 

After that we went for a hike and saw three waterfalls. 

On one of them we climbed down rocks. 
We were at the bottom of the waterfall. We were able to climb on rocks on the water.
(What you see behind us is the top of the 2nd waterfall--I don't have a good pic of it, but it looked a lot like the tall waterfall in the pic above.)
We went back to the campsite and had rest time. Naomi, Daddy and I went bike riding. We went around the lake and stopped at a building. We got a drink and then we rode back and had dinner. Then we went to bed.
The next day we ate breakfast and hiked down a rocky path and went over a bridge and down a hill.

We got to see over the ledge. I climbed up a hill and got on a rock with Daddy.
Now we are going to back to the campsite. We packed up and left to go home. It was a long trip but we made it home.

The end.


Lisa said...

You guys are so cute! Looks like fun?!? Your tent is so cozy

Anonymous said...

This looks like so much fun! Jacob, you did a wonderful job with your journal entry....I really enjoyed reading it! Love, Aunt Kim