Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Naomi!

Naomi had a great birthday yesterday!
She started the day with a few breakfast presents

and some birthday pancakes.
Then it was off to horseback riding lessons.
At 3:30
it was
Party Time!
Not very long after last year's tea party, Naomi requested a sewing party for her 9th birthday.
With a lot of help from her Granna, we were able to pull that off nicely yesterday.
The girls began by choosing ribbons and buttons and sewing them onto prepared skirts.

I think all the girls did a great job!
The snacks table featured a table runner sewn by the birthday girl herself (on the machine).
Happy 9th birthday to my oldest!

I love asking for "small or homemade gifts only." Naomi got the best homemade gifts!

Even the front door wreath got a little sewing facelift.
Happy Birthday, Naomi!
Thanks to all who sent/gave gifts. 
She really had a special day yesterday!

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Audra said...

Happy Birthday, Naomi! You are one special girl at our house . . . so looked up to by our girls! We love you and hope your 9th year is full of happy memories and the best of blessings. Much love!