Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Weekend +

If you keep up with our family at all, you know that we are BUSY!!
We like to fill our time with as many meaningful activities as possible. Sometimes these activities are just lazing around the house, but a lot of the time (like this past weekend) we pack in the fun.

Friday: School, Corn Maize with Ari and Kellyn, the park for a picnic and home again because I thought I had a doctor's appointment

Doctor's appointment cancelled. No matter, the Stephens call and they can come for dinner! Hooray! Mix together lentil soup and eat that with the Stephens' salad. No dessert (sorry, Kate!)

After the guests left and the kids were in bed, it was time for Cardinals baseball again. I might just skip the games on Sunday and Monday--Friday began the disappointing slide. Ugh. Well, go Cardinals 2013!

Saturday morning: Soccer! Jacob is playing very well this year. He's a natural at defense (always making sure someone is covering the goal) but this year he's really moved forward and started making goals! He made one on Saturday. Yay, Jacob!

After soccer we had a few hours for me to pack small bags, get the house clean, and get everyone showered and ready to go. Then it was off to AL for a museum tour

(The Natural History Museum was pretty impressive. I love being able to stand inches away from the huge animals. It really puts them in perspective.)

...and then a wedding in another museum! 
Congratulations Caitlin and BJ! The wedding in the museum was really a great idea. We watched the ceremony then toured the museum while the bride and groom took pictures.
real live armor : )
crown with jewels from 1346
Then we enjoyed the party. The kids especially loved the candy bar--all the candy one can eat with scoops conveniently placed for large quantities! And of course the cake!
It was beautiful and we waited until it was cut before saying our goodbyes and getting some sleepy kids (and one tired momma) to Granna's house for some rest.

Sunday morning: While at the wedding we learned that there was a special event at my cousin and brother's church the next morning. We decided to squeeze that in before heading home. Everyone was supposed to wear their team gear and a retired Braves player was preaching. After the sermon, everyone headed outside for some yummy "tailgating" and a bit of fall festival. It was great fun!
Thanks, Kennis for the invite and it was great to see everyone!

And then back to home sweet home for a little rest and relaxation (and more baseball).
And in case you're wondering, here's what the rest of our week looks like:
Monday: horseback riding, school, getting a new SS card for Olivia (an hour waiting in which the kiddos did great) ballet and more baseball
Tuesday: MDO, school, chores, house cleaning, soccer practice
Wednesday: two doctor appointments, school, swimming, Olivia walks with a friend while kids are at YMCA, choir practice for kids and daddy
Thursday: MDO, school, homeschool meeting 12-2pm, piano lessons, Choices Banquet (kids stay with babysitter)
Friday: school, possibly a play date or a hike, Momma and Daddy have a work dinner (kids stay with babysitter again)
Saturday: soccer, birthday party...and the whole thing begins again!
There you have a nice week-sized slice of our life.
"And let your soul delight itself in abundance."
(from Isaiah 55)

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