Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Hair

We finally made it over to the salon for Naomi's new school do. 
Snacks to entertain the other two
It turned out a little shorter than either of us expected, but I think she looks too too cute!
Hanging out


amanda said...

SUPER CUTE!!!! Love it! :)

McClureFamily said...

She looks so grown up! All three of my girls got cuts last week. I have to tell J and S that it is just a trim or they get very upset. We took 2-3 inches off each (except for Rachel :)) and put in some long layers to help with combing. It's a lot of work keeping up with all this hair. I'm sure N's is a breeze now. So cute!

Lisa said...

Oh my heavens, she sure did get a cut! Its adorable! She looks so much like her Granna! Tell her Sophie loves it and now wants hers cut short. =)