Monday, September 6, 2010

Fun Times

It's always fun when Granna comes! Here Granna and the kids are making fruit kabobs with yogurt dip. The kids ate every piece of fruit in one sitting. No kidding. Bethany was stuffing fruit in like there was no tomorrow. She was the first one eating and the last one to leave the table when everything was gone!
The kids and I have been easing back into school (before their tutorial starts this Thursday). I thought it might be fun to study the human body, so we've made body pictures and read books and played computer games and done puzzles. It has been fun, and I think we're all learning something too.

When Jacob saw that he, Bethany, and I all had on navy and white last Sunday, he insisted that we take a picture.

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Lisa said...

Hey! I recognize that dress/skirt! Good golly that's an oldie!