Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Visit With Friends

Last night we visited our friends Matt and Lisa who have just moved nearby. We are, to say the least, very excited about having them near! I don't have any pictures, and this is only blog-worthy because of all of the craziness that getting our two families together produces. First of all, they are moving in, with lots of boxes and lots of work, so I thought I would make dinner for them. Half-way there I realized I had left the casserole on the counter in our kitchen. Of course. So I had to call poor Lisa and she had to go pick up dinner for our two families. When we got there, Matt showed us around their new place. Nate was holding Bethany and realized that her little skirt was wet. I took the skirt off and took her in just a shirt and diaper to get her changed. On the way she must have added a little to her diaper and that ended up all over my shirt. After we scooted their two tables together and got everything ready, I somehow managed to tip over some hot wax and get it on my skirt. During dinner I held their one-year old while she was eating a strawberry and got the juice all over my shirt as well. Whew! When I left, I looked like I'd been through a war-zone, and their house is definitely no war-zone! It's really a wonderful house! And we plan to spend many more wonderful, crazy evenings there. (Maybe a few of them without the six children!) Thank you Matt and Lisa for an awesome evening!

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