Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Funny Sayings

Jacob has been biting his fingernails lately (ugh!) and I have been chiding him accordingly. Today when I reminded him not to bite his fingernails, he said, "I've only been biting...well, every fingernail except for my third thumb!"

Naomi loves to instruct Jacob. Today's lesson? Dating. "Do you know what a date is, Jacob? That's where a momma and a daddy go to look at the sunset, kiss, and then go out to eat." Jacob replied with, "They should go to Wendy's because that is near Daddy's work."

Yesterday Jacob woke up with a fever. He said, "My tummy just feels like I need to rest, but my head feels like I might need to go to the hospital."

Another musing by Naomi: "Some orphanages have nice people, and some orphanages have mean people. But I don't think I would like either one. I'm glad I have a momma and a daddy."


Mary said...

Jacob's hospital comment made me laugh out loud.

The Oster Five said...

He is a funny kid!

Lisa said...

Cute. Is there a Wendy's "near Daddy's work?" Hmm. Sorry he has a fever...hope he did get some rest. Sweet kids.

Lee said...

on the Wendy's comment: like father, like son, the only thing that matters is the food.....sunset, meh..... kissing, meh...... FOOD, oh yeah baby, sweet bounty!

The Oster Five said...

No, there's not really a Wendy's next to Daddy's work, but yes, Daddy does love to eat!