Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Just Another Day in Paradise

Today we had nothing on our family calendar. Nothing. Amazing. At first I thought of planning an outing so that we (the kids and me) would not be stuck inside all day by the rain, but then I remembered some advice from a very wise friend, "Just schedule your day." And so I did. We started with eating oatmeal for breakfast and then making chocolate chip breakfast cookies before Bethany even woke up. When she woke up we painted while she ate her oatmeal. 
After painting I shamelessly bribed the kids that if they made an extraordinary train track, they could watch a movie. While they made the track, I cleaned the kitchen including sweeping and mopping the floor. Then we turned on Toy Story. They've actually never seen the first one because I think Sid's toys are so scary. But after the movie was over, Naomi said, "So what was scary, Mom?" After a short ticklefest, we had crocodiles for lunch.
Yes, that is green Ramen. : ) After lunch we've been playing and trying to get Bethany to crawl. 

Not included in the above run-down: the 112 ants I killed in every room of our house (they aren't all in the kitchen anymore, thank goodness!), the pee I cleaned off the bathroom floor, the sheets I washed because a certain someone has stopped wearing pull-ups to bed, the other two loads of laundry I washed, folded and put away, the princess we saved from the pirates by borrowing Noah's ark, and the outfit covered with pee I changed when Bethany's diaper leaked. Oh and this conversation was an interesting part of our day too:
Mom: "Who pooped and didn't flush?"
Naomi: "Must've been Jacob. Oh. Was it in your bathroom or ours?"
Mom: "Your bathroom! Did you poop and not flush in mine?"
Noami: "Yep. I'll go flush now."
So anyway, this is only partly for the people who read this blog. It is mostly so that in ten years I can look back and see what a wonderful, crazy paradise we lived in when our kids were five, three, and almost one. I am so blessed!


Nate said...

Everyone at The Patriot office got a huge laugh out of that story. I can honestly say it has happened here, too, though nobody who works here was the guilty party!

Lisa said...

Your crocodiles are awesome! You're so creative! (but what's new). How cool they got to paint with REAL paint and canvas. What a GREAT idea! I can't believe you had a day with no where to go -- you managed to get a lot done. No school for Naomi?

Kennis said...

I loved that! I'm gonna have to fix Syd and Gracie some crocodiles.