Sunday, May 17, 2009


"Just Another Day in Paradise" (2 blogs ago) has generated a lot of misdirected adulation, and I would like to insert a small disclaimer in the form of a rundown of the Wednesday following the one featured in"Paradise." 
This past Wednesday, I woke up looking forward to the next minute I would get to continue reading the 2nd book in the Twilight series. Yes, I'm reading them too; I couldn't be left out when people were talking about a work of fiction, could I? ("A Christian's Perspective on Twilight" to follow as soon as I finish the fourth book, which should be about 2 days after my teenage neighbor hands it over!) 
So anyway, back to example Wednesday #2. We had the whole day at home again, and I was wondering how long I would be able to resist picking up my book. Not long. After breakfast and a few morning chores, the kids were happily playing outside and Bethany was napping. I picked up the book, and that was the end of productive Mommy-hood for that Wednesday. I read all morning in between fending off assaults from the kids. I even let them play learning games on the computer by themselves when they insisted on having couch-time. I left them to eat by themselves while I read, and I suggested all kinds of extraordinary play when they got bored just so that I could continue to gluttonously read. My only break was a short family run to the store to pick up teacher gifts for the last days of school. 
For all of you who think I have super-mommish qualities: PLEASE NOTE! Some days I'm on and some days I'm off. And, everyone of you who've commented in that way is my inspiration for the days I'm "on." So, keep up the good work, mommies! God bless every one of you! 


Lisa said...

You're so cool.

Timothy said...

**insert girlie scream here**