Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bethany Still Not Crawling--but moving!

Almost like a magic trick, Bethany gets bigger and bigger! 
She's not crawling, but she's got a cute little gimp, I think.


Kay Pugh said...

Way to go, Bethany. I knew you would outsmart us all. Crawling on those hardwood floors would be very painful on those little knees.
Love you much.

Lisa said...

That is exactly what I was thinking! I wouldn't crawl on those floors either! She is smart! It is so funny how she gave up at the end, like, I cannot go one.more.inch. But she didn't seem to mind!?! Ellie's got a little attitude now. Pitchin' little baby fits, and definitely showing her temper. I kept thinking about Naomi while I was watching this video -- they look so much alike!

Jonathan and Audra Payne said...

I kept thinking about Naomi too, Lisa! They are almost like twins - just four and a half years apart. ;)
Yay, Bethany!!!! You're gonna have some great oblique muscles . . . on one side. ;D

McClureFamily said...

This reminds me of Ben Caldwell when he was little. :)I love her unique style.

Kennis said...

You know Sydney never crawled on her hands and knees either. She scooted on her booty. Kinda similar to Bethany. Isn't that funny?