Friday, April 3, 2009

Updates on the Kids

Naomi is still enjoying school and improving on reading daily. We're looking forward to homeschooling next year--adding to what she's learned this year and working together on a "Little House" unit. Naomi's most recent funny: Momma "Jackson in bringing his guinea pig to school." Naomi: "I've never heard of a school for guinea pigs!" (And she was being serious!)

Bethany is still loving Dixie, adding a few words to her vocabulary, like "Juice," "Hey there," and "Get you," and working on her crawling and standing skills. Still no crawling or standing, but we're working on it. We did find out that being on her belly in the grass is way more fun than being on her belly on the wood floor. She loves toys and games and her siblings. And she's working on drinking her milk from a cup. Such a big girl!

Jacob is growing up too. He's working hard on learning the sounds for each letter and he can count (easily!) to 20. His little brain just soaks up everything; you can see his wheels spinning when he listens to Naomi reading. He's still loves hanging out with his buddies at Mother's Day Out, but he's looking forward to summer when he can spend ALL his time being a muddy, outside boy--including a family camping trip and fishing trips with Grandad. 


Jonathan and Audra Payne said...

I love the updates!
Naomi: I love Naomi's hair in the first photo - she looks SO grown up. Can't believe how well she's reading.

Bethany: I don't like being on my tummy on hardwood floors either. Grass is way better - she's a smart girl!

Jacob: I'll bet he's catching onto reading even now. =D Handsome boy. =D

Lisa said...

Good update! I love it when you write!