Thursday, April 23, 2009

Trip to the Chattanooga Zoo

The trip was fun for Jacob too, I promise; he was just disappointed that the picnic came AFTER walking around to see the animals! 
When I first told the kids we were going to the zoo, Naomi started telling Jacob, "We'll see lions and bears and giraffes and elephants..." I had to stop her. We see all of that at the St. Louis zoo, but the Chattanooga one is a little more modest. They weren't the least bit disappointed, though, and enjoyed every animal!

I forgot my camera, so my friend Beth took a few with hers. Thanks, Beth! 

After looking around the zoo (including a fun petting zoo with goats, a donkey, and a huge pig!) we rode the new carousel and had a picnic lunch with our friends. 

This is Wilder, Bethany, and Parker. Bethany and Parker were born the same day and Wilder was only a few weeks later. They'll be seeing a lot of each other as they grow up, but I believe this was their first "date." Look out Wilder!

Bethany playing peek-a-boo under her stroller

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Lisa said...

They're adorable! But you look GREAT Olivia! Looks like a nice shady zoo.