Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Happy Birthday, Caleb!

Happy Birthday, dear Caleb!

We threw a race car party on Friday evening with friends and cake and presents and grandparents and lots of fun for the birthday boy.

And he was so overwhelmed and excited about his presents that he couldn't even eat a piece of cake!
He loved every minute of it, and he's still loving every minute of his birthday.

Can I just say that throwing Caleb a party and showering him with gifts is like soothing balm for this mother's heart? Can it have been only last year that we first saw this picture and felt our hearts stretched over the miles to Uganda?
Yes, these are our little ones as we first saw them. And it was Caleb's eyes that told me they were ours.
And then, before we could even meet them, Caleb chose to pick this t-shirt out of the pile at the orphanage to wear. A friend who was there snapped and sent his picture having no idea that Caleb's daddy was wearing the very same shirt that very same day.

And then we went. And we held them and we loved them and we learned to speak their language and they gave new meaning to our family.

This boy has given us so much.

So, Caleb Purpose Kimbugwe Oster, we celebrate you today.
Happy Birthday, my beloved boy!

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