Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Daily Life August 2014 Edition

A few pics from the past two weeks
Cute boys in cute hats

A little native American celebration

School Day Schedule
Breakfast at 7:30
Morning chores
At the table for school by 8:15
Daily Sheets
Math with N and J
(Afterwards N and J head to their rooms to work on Math, Hilger HW and extra assignments.)
Math with C and B (and A)
Writing with C and B
Reading on the front porch individually with C and B
Nap/rest/outside reading time
Soccer/Outside play in the afternoons


Saturday Schedule
Caleb's game--9am
Bethany's game--10:30am
Jacob's game (at a different park)--11am
Afternoons for chores or errands or both

library reading hour
(We caught this one Monday while the big kids were at Hilger.)

Math lesson with the little ones--Amos loves to join Caleb and Bethany for their Saxon 1. There's just something about getting to erase numbers, play with manipulatives and sing songs that is irresistible.

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Audra said...

Looks like a happy and full August of 2014! =D Love Caleb and Amos in those hats!!!!! SOOOO cute. :)