Friday, August 23, 2013

First Day of School

And we're back to school!
Naomi and Jacob began their school year with their first day at Hilger Higher Learning, a home school tutorial in Chattanooga. They are taking Science, Literature, Art, Creative Writing/Grammar, and Choir there on Mondays.
They really enjoyed their first day!
Naomi is looking forward to dissecting something in Science (the teacher assured them they would get to) and has most enjoyed her art homework.
Jacob really liked meeting new friends at Hilger and the fact that none of the work was too difficult for him. 
Both of the kids are going to do great with their Hilger classes!
I was not planning to start our other courses at home until Bethany goes to school at the beginning of Sept, but with Uganda coming up, I decided to go ahead and begin. It has been a good week.
We are studying Math, History and Spelling here as well as getting our HW for each Hilger class done each day. The kids are doing great with all of that as well. 
Bethany has been joining us for school and doing awesome! You should see her whip out an addition worksheet and read her little beginner books. She's going to blow kindergarten away.
I'm proud of all of them!

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