Friday, March 15, 2013


Bethany and Grandad

Fascinating display of Lego audience (watching Gandalf pull flowers out of a hat) at a friend's house
It was obviously fascinating enough for one of the kids to steal the camera and take a pic.

Seeing a large toad at the aquarium

Bird show at the aquarium

On Thursdays, Jacob and Naomi go to a speech class on the Covenant College campus taught by a Covenant student. While the big kids are in class, the younger ones usually head to the gym for some fun. This was a game that a group of them played for quite a while. They would each sit (or lay) in the same position and pass the ball around. Then they would change their position and repeat.

Jacob's morning creation
(And btw Aaron, if you look at this, we are aspiring to copy you in the picture of all the wonderful Lego creations--stay tuned for that one!)

Turkey spotted this morning on the way down the mountain (near the nature center)

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