Sunday, March 31, 2013

Florida, Spring 2013

On our way to Florida...

Out of order a bit--this is the Sunshine Skyway Bridge just south of Tampa

Now back to O'Leno State Park and our first night of camping...
See the alligator on the log back there?

Siesta Key Beach near where our friends the Downes live. We had so much fun with them! Jacob almost immediately disappeared to play legos and star wars and spy kids and all kinds of other kinds of boy games. Bethany and Rissa made friends and had lots of fun playing dress up and babies. And Naomi bounced from playing boy games to girl games, which is really exactly what she wants to do.
Thank you, Downes, for having us! We had an amazing time!

Another beach near Sarasota.

Hiking at the beach
I'm super embarrassed by this, but this is the only pic we have with the Downes kids! (Ugh!) We'll just have to go back soon and get lots of kids pics.

This is the view from our restaurant window where we ate a yummy seafood dinner.

Campsite #2 in Jupiter, FL

The boy's scraped up knee after a rather large biking accident

But, never fear, he was up and on the bike early the next morning!

The beach at Jupiter

Cardinals Spring Training Game

Blue Water Ice

After the Cardinals game, it was finally warm enough to hit the beach--it was still chilly, but it was warm enough to have some fun.

And after all that fun, we were worn out!
Poor Bethany slept for over an hour in this seemingly not-very-comfortable position!
Ten things we'll remember from our Florida camping/seeing friends trip:
1. Always bring matches and starter when you go camping. 
2. Be prepared for any kind of weather--even in southern FL in late March.
3. Don't walk on sharp rocks in bare feet (no pics from that one, but Jacob cut up his feet pretty badly on those rocks near the bridge in Tampa.)
4. Bring lots of bandaids when travelling with kids.
5. Take a little break from playing/chatting with friends to TAKE SOME PICTURES!
6. Always set up your tent as far away from your neighbors as possible--sometimes those neighbors choose to stay up laughing and talking and enjoying themselves til 1 in the morning. : )
7. When google maps says it will take 10 1/2 hours to get home, it might mean more like 13 1/2.
8. Visiting the Downes is the best kind of beach vacation.
9. The beach is pretty when it's 57 and windy, but not so much fun to play on.
10. Camping with the family sometimes hard work, but it's always worth it.

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