Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I regret that a lot of our pictures these days are taken as we play with my iPhone. 
It's good that we're taking pics, but I'm definitely going to try to be more deliberate about using our good camera. : )
Bethany and I took a few pics as we played with Polly Pockets the other day.
And I couldn't resist a pic of her cute feet.
I found this pic of Jacob's in his discard pile, but I wanted to preserve it because of all the things you can see he is learning. Forehead lines, an awareness of his Adam's apple, detail of the texture on the tongue--all of these things amaze me!
The top and bottom of this pic are rather abstract, but Jacob's self-portrait in the middle is amazingly detailed and carefully colored.
On Saturday we went to Home Depot's Kids Workshop.
The kids were able to hammer their cars together, paint them and put stickers on them.
It was a very fun workshop!

And again, Naomi playing with the phone...

Our Easter garden
We've been talking about Easter each time we eat dinner together--and the garden helps us remember many parts of the story.

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